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Our Mission!

Growing a love of learning for the whole family!

Mt. Baker Co-op Preschool is a fun and safe place that offers students opportunities to learn through hands-on activities using their senses and experiences. Together, the teacher and parents help guide children to make observations and gather information, make predictions, draw conclusions, and share what they’ve learned with their friends. The Mt. Baker Co-op Preschool classroom is a rich learning environment where everyone is a teacher and learner.

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Our Commitment to Co-op

Parents are key to the success of our school. We all work together to create a wonderful learning environment and build our community. As a co-op parent, you:

Work in your child’s class on your scheduled workday. You are usually asked to work one day per month. On rare occasions, you may be scheduled twice. 

Attend Parent Education. Parent Ed is the second Monday of every month and is a mandatory part of the coop

Sign-up for a parent job. The jobs vary greatly in time, commitment, and workload. Jobs include: Making play dough, Field Trip Coordinator, Classroom Organizing, Prepping Classroom Materials, as well as a variety of other jobs vital to the smooth operation of our Cooperative Preschool.